Lindsey Agness NLP quote

A positive mid-life crisis! The joys of owning a small business

Words of wisdom that made all the difference

So here I am, writing my first blog on my own website, master (mistress!) of my own destiny for the first time, and running my own small business in Cumbria. It feels great, it really does! There have been some lumps and bumps along the way, but to feel in control of my working life has brought multiple benefits in both business and at home!

I thought it might be good just to encapsulate how this change in my life has come about. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and somehow that big 45 hit me much more than the big 40! As I was driving to work for someone else, feeling anxious about the day ahead, I suddenly remembered some words I’d read in a great little book by Lindsey Agness. A short line, but one that recurs throughout the text, and suddenly I had to do something about it!

Lindsey Agness NLP quote

I had spotted the book “Change your life with NLP” in the library when looking for a guide to Photoshop! It intrigued me, and I couldn’t (to coin a slightly cheesy phrase) put it down when I got home. Believe it or not, this blog isn’t about the wonders of NLP (although I do think the principles are fabulous common sense, and I will study it further).

No, this blog is just about that wonderful Eureka moment that can take you by surprise. It’s about whether you choose to seize the moment, or still be sitting there in five years wondering what life would have been like if you’d taken that leap of faith! I have missed many such moments along the way, but still have many blessings to count. This time, it almost felt like I had no choice but to listen to what my head and heart kept signalling to me, and stop working for someone else and start working for ME!

My family were certainly not getting the best out of me, and given that we’d moved back to Cumbria as a lifestyle choice, this was suddenly rather ironic. The business I worked for were no longer getting the best out of me, as the two way creative process that had been so productive at times, had just ceased to work. Some of the best and most lovely people I’ve ever worked with, but I needed to get back some control.  Generally, I was unhappy as there didn’t seem to be enough of me to go round, and my confidence had hit the buffers!

So, on the beach at Silecroft, thinking about a recent conversation with my wonderfully supportive sister Sarah, and with a rare hour to myself walking my beautiful, mad springer Lewis along the beach, it fell into place. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!”

Thank you Lindsey Agness for this little nugget. Not rocket science, but combined with the motivation from your book to take back control of my goals, my life and my future, in that moment the world seemed like a much lighter, brighter place. And it hasn’t stopped. My daughter and husband see a happier, warmer mum and wife, I don’t have panic attacks and feel sick in the morning now – it’s down to little old me to make the next 45 years work for us all! No doubt there will be many more lumps and bumps along the way, but at least they are MY lumps and bumps to smooth out.

I am working on various design, marketing and sales projects for a cracking charity, a brilliant brewery, a hot hotel, and more enquiries in all the time. I feel so very fortunate, and just thank my lucky stars, my (sometimes faulty) gut instinct, and a whole heap of support from family and friends, for having taken the step to set up BTC. Oh, and of course, a very huge thank you to Lindsey Agness for those few words that hit me straight between the eyes!

OK, shorter blogs from now on, but just had to kick my posts off with this rather personal epiphany! If you’ve managed to make it to the end – thank you!!



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