Sales Services and Support

  • Sales systems, strategy and implementation
  • Lead generation
  • Integrated sales and marketing
  • Sales training & motivation
  • Sales targets, reports and results
  • An extra pair of hands to build your sales
Do you need a review of your current systems, or just a helping hand to generate more sales? Talk to me about how I can help to grow your business in a cost-effective and measurable way. When you are busy with so much to do just to manage your business, some experience and expert advice from a third party can make all the difference.

Having built up sales teams, and loved working with them to improve all of our performance (and therefore £££ results), I am passionate about doing more than just getting the fastest, biggest sale.

  • A sale is not a proper part of your business until you are paid for it – I can assist with building trust and excellent relationships with your direct and trade customers so that each transaction benefits both
  • I can advise on how to manage systems, from generating the leads to gain the business, to systems that manage payment for your goods or services
  • I can help to develop your team so that they sell the business and your products/services with enthusiasm, but understand the whole sales cycle – not just a quick “win”
  • I can build up a strategy for you that encourages repeat business. We all know that it is 10x easier to generate this than fresh leads. We can work on both!


Kate’s inspirational & creative ethos, is absolutely amazing,… a true professional within her field!
Neil Windross, UK Defence Devt. Manager
Kate has been an asset to the company from day one, a breath of fresh air in sales & marketing our company and I would ask the question how any company can move forward with out the assistance of someone of Kate Wilson’s ability from the Marketing / Sales world
Barrie Roberts, Ennerdale Brewery
Kate is an exceptional lady who is committed to doing the best she can in everything she does. Kate is professional and extremely creative in business!
Iain Henry, Hospitality Industry
Kate is a talented salesperson, who quickly earned the trust and confidence of colleagues and customers. She consistently delivered outstanding results and was a pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly.
Ian Bannerman, MD, Taylor & Francis
Since teaming up with Kate she has literally taken our company by the “scruff of the neck” and introduced us to key elements in the marketing world, pointed us all in the same direction,  developed our web site , promoted sales, planted us firmly in the public eye, & made the company “stand up” and be recognised amongst more “well known”  microbreweries.
Barrie Roberts, Ennerdale Brewery