St Bees Post Office


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Alan, Mandy and the staff look forward to welcoming you to our shop in St Bees.

We offer much more than just Post Office services. Here is a snapshot of what is available. Please do browse the website for our wide range of produce, essentials and gifts. We also have an online shop (a link would be inserted here to online shop)

  • Full Post Office service
  • Stationery, cards, toys
  • Fine range of local produce
  • Off Licence including wide selection of wines, spirits, beer and cider
  • Wide selection of gifts and Coast to Coast essentials

We support local business and stock fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and other produce from suppliers around Cumbria.

If you are unable to visit the shop and would enjoy to browse our range of gifts and Coast to Coast items, please take a look here (obviously nothing here but create links to shop!)

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